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CommunEcos has sponsored and participated in scores of educational events, public actions and projects since our founding in 2011 to  promote awareness and educate our supporters and the wider public about our society's urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable forms of energy. Our progress (or lack of it) in this decade will determine the live-ability of the planet our children will inherit. 

In summer and fall 2022 our members have been working with NC WARN, Appalachian Voices and other non-profit groups to strengthen Duke Energy's commitment to  phase out coal and gas-fired generation plants and support both utility scale and rooftop solar.  We've participated in and protested outside a Durham public hearing on Duke's proposed carbon plan,  and we helped create a protest rally outside a Raleigh NC Utility Commission meeting on the plan.  We've also promoted "Solarize the Triangle" --a new campaign by Interfaith Creation Care -- a coalition of  local congregations and non-profits -- working to speed up adoption of rooftop solar in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. 


Don Nonini, CommunEcos president, has led a series of organizing meetings to promote formation an  NC chapter of Third Act -- a new non-profit, co-founded by Bill McKibben,  that harnesses the energy of retired people and those close to retirement in the struggle for a cleaner climate and sustainable future. See our Third Act page for details.

Other energy-related educational events  we've sponsored this year include:

  • "Solar for All" a film on low income solar in Washington, DC (Oct 14)

  • Hawaii's path to sustainable energy (Sept. 16)

  • Solar Schools (in Durham) talk by Wafa Khalil and Dale Evarts (July 8)

  • The Quest for Greener, Safer, Cheaper Nuclear Power (June 17)

  • "The New Fire" film on new nuclear technologies (June 3)

  •  "The Power of Big Oil" -film -(May 6)

  • "Duke Energy's Approach to Carbon Reduction: Kill Solar" - talk by Sally Robertson, NC WARN (Apr. 29)  

Energy Justice and Climate
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